Flexible, scalable and feature-rich academic management solution.

Educational management made easy.

Modular customisable web-based management solution for Schools, Kindergartens, Colleges, Universities, Learning/Training Centers or Academies. All you need is a PC or mobile device with web browser plus internet access and you are ready to go.

Unlimited portal licenses with flexible pricing. You can choose to grow on the features as and when you need them. No matter which features you choose, you automatically get free upgrade to all security and feature updates as well as automatic backup and recovery.

Powerful Academic Management Solution

Complete academic workflow
Mbase provides interactive interfaces to manage all aspects of administration. The various features available in Mbase facilitates all requirements for each academic year.
Detailed auditing & reporting
The built in analytic tracker allows you to monitor and audit everything. Get insights that allow you to make informed decisions and report on your organisation's performance.
Simply & Easy to learn
If you have browsed the internet, then you can use Mbase. Simple but efficient design with intelligent and responsive interfaces allows for great user experience. Automatic saving, 1-click bookmarking, instant notes are some of the features.
Parent & Student Portal
Unlimited user licenses means that all your students, faculty members and parents can login to access their data from anywhere. We have seperate portal access for each category of users and they can be customised.
Powerful Form Builder
Create and store all kinds of data. The powerful interactive form builder allows you to quickly deploy polling, competitions, work flow templates or any other data collection forms and share with selected/all users on the system.
Big Data Manager
All your data is directly accessible to you via an interactive interface. You can extract and analyse your data as required. Retrieve your data to various formats including Excel, CSV, XML and various other supported formats.
Extended API Support
Simplified API allows 3rd party service to query and extend functionality for advanced application reporting. Interface with 3rd party services like LMS, accounting, HR & payroll, social media platforms, asset trackers, analytics and a lot more.
Cost Effective Platform
Zero infrastructure, low maintenance and an affordable platform that allows quick deployment, automatic and seamless upgrades while maintaining guaranteed levels of service.
Fantabulous Support
Results focused customer service. We focus on your success by providing around-the-clock support and providing proactive steps to minimise issues should any arise. Integrated helpdesk for users to raise queries directly from the portal.

Feature Overview

Core Features

Student Information
Class Management
Curriculum Management
Grading & Examination
Faculty Organisation
Events Calendar
User Management

Extended Features

Fee Collections
Asset Tracking
Clinic Monitor
Media Library
SMS Integration
Email Integration

Advanced Features

Big Data
Form Builder
Audit Trail
API Support

All the features your organisation will ever need.

One platform with all the services included.

Integrated Modules
Centralised Data
Secure and Reliable
Cross Platform service
Multi Level Access
Access Anywhere
Customisable & Scalable
API Support
Various Add-ons
Extended Access Portals

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